Friday, December 4, 2009


how is everyone today? i hope the holidays aren't creeping up too fast like they are around here! my mom went and got us a REAL christmas tree to claw on... uhh i mean look at and sniff wildly!! :-D

it has been pretty crazy around here wif da mom. shes been workin crazy on school... i hardly see hers :( but i guess she gets about a month off school so i will see her lots... and just in time for that big fat guy to come down the chimeny!! yessss!

so anyways, we came to update some pics of us, you know... just in case we go missing and the police need to put up our most recent pictures!

well there is some of us... i hope everyone continues having a great holiday season! no beating people up for taking the last tickle me elmo in the stores either! hehe... :)