Wednesday, October 7, 2009

wordful wednesday

hey kittehysss & doggehysss!!

just droppin by to say hi and i miss all my aminal friends!! teh mom has been busy with school and with baseball games she hasnt paid attention to much else!! as you can see... my mom is a big time detroit tigers fan. they lost the game last night to the twins for the division winner and that was really hard for my mom to take. and we kept having to hide because she kept yellin at teh tv. silly humans... anyways i thought i would come by here and share a tail or two and say hello to everyone and wish everyone a happy fall and a happy baseball postseason!! i hear teh mom is going to be rooting for teh st. louis cardinals!! lets go albert pujols!!


--goatee teh mancat & friends--


  1. Sorry about the Tigers! Our mom lived in Detroit for a year when she was a little biped. We thought that was before baseball was invented, but apparently she went to a couple Tigers games. Who knew? They must be a very, very old baseball team. Ha roo roo roo!
    Play bows,

  2. That is too bad that the Tigers lost. We aren't big baseball people but we always like it when the animal teams win.

  3. Aww anytime a team named da Tigers lose it's not a gud fing! boo hiss boo HISS! My Momma lubs dat feetball. She am camped out in front of da tvs all day and nite on Sundays.


  4. It wasn't that fun of a night at our house either. Lots and lots of screaming. It totally hurted our ears. Ugh. Mom likes Pujols, too. He's at the top of the list of her favorite players. Sweet!

    Your pal,

    PS - Have you ever visited Jeter Harris? He's a huge Yanks fan (sorry), but his blog always makes Mom giggle. He also has brothers named Joba, Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle, & Matsui. hehe


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