Sunday, October 11, 2009

step-dog sunday

we dont like to tell anyone this, but we have a doggie living with us. he is teh moms brothers doggie that was dropped off one day. we dont really like him because he is big and loud, and he always trys to run when we run and it scares us. we have scritched his noses a buncha times and he barks at us but thats about it. one time he was rolling around in the back yard and he rolled in some poopies and then teh mom had to give him a bath to get it offa him. it was smellier than our potty boxes!!

anyways, teh mom took him for a car ride and he got really excited. i dont know why, cuz the we dont like car rides!! we meow and meow until we get back home again. but here are some photos of him being good at the bank drive thru window hoping to get some doggeh treats! hes alright i guess. his name is petey! teh moms brother didnt take care of him at all when he lived at his house. he had a really bad ear infection that spread to be a skin infection and he in turn was alergic to himself, he scritched himself raw all over and had no hairs on his tummy, arms and head and was always makin himself bleed. so when teh moms brother dropped him off we took him to the *vet* and he had to have a buncha shots and some medicines for his skin so he stopped scritchin! hes grown hair back on his head neck tummy and arms and he doesnt scritch anymore. and since he lives with us and teh mom, he is happier because he gets attention from the humans like head scritches and pets and tail wags all around. he didnt have that before. i couldnt imagine what it would be like without head scritches and pats on the back!! so we dont like him that much, but he is a happier doggie and i guess thats alright in our book!!


  1. Aw! He looks like a pretty cool guy! That's mighty nice that you and your mom took him in! Maybe you'll all end up being friends!
    Play bows,

  2. We have many redeeming khwalities!

    IMHO, more that woo khats do

    BUT then again, I'm a khanine!

    Hi Petey!


  3. Hi Petey! It's nice to meet you. I have been scratched on the nose lots of times, too, but only because EG can be mean. :)
    Did you get a treat at the bank??? I think I might like to go to the bank if they hand out treats.

    Your pal,

  4. We are super behind in commenting but we think it is great that you have a doggie and that your mom is taking good care of him. Petey is a cutie too!

  5. Well, you have my sympathy for your situation. Fortunately I put my paw down when Mom was thinking about getting a DAWG!!


  6. Uh oh! A DOG!! I don't like them much either. They make too much noise, like little humans. But we're glad he's got a better home now, even if it has to be yours.


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