Monday, September 28, 2009

treacherous tuesday (almost hehe)

while walking around the cathouse and being manly, i (goatee) decided to take it upon myself to get a crazy look on my face and start attacking everything and everyone in sight.

of course, as always, the nip was involved. i cannot say i was responsible for acting up, i was under the influence, but then again, so was everyone else... i guess i took it a bit too far...

this was me before getting all wild!!


so here i am (^) being absolutely crazy... my mom was taken offguard because she had never seen me act like this before!! and like i said... i was under the influence, im sorry but i am addicted!!


  1. Goatee, you've got the googly eyes. EG gotted our nip privileges revoked for a while after he gotted all crazy and started attacking everyone. It sucks. Mama is trying to figure out a way to sneak some to me. hee hee


  2. Every onece in a while our kitties get a little crazed like that - we call it the thrall - I don't remember why - and it doesn't happen very often, but you know it when it does!


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