Thursday, September 10, 2009

photo shoot... star kittehs for a day!

my mom was having a photo shoot yesterday so that we could have our very own blog web page to show everyone how awesome we are!! i hope our ears were perky and pink enough!!

this was when emily was sniffing the air. her nose was pretty high and her furrrrs were so shiny. mom told her to stay cute and be still, but she moved.
i was in the background laughing when she moved and messed up the photo shoot for mom. its not funny to laugh at others....

this is when teddy was getting his photo shoot done. she kept tellin him that his tuxedo looked very nice... but then i jumped up on the bed to be in the shot. look, my mom always tells me that i am very handsome, so why shouldnt i be in all the shots? i mean, come on, that guy has on a freakin tux 24/7!! gimme a break!!

ok, is anyone else singing "the space betweeeeeen" by that dave matthews guy?? i know my mom was when she was laughing at our picture we took. she doesnt even like the dave matthews, i guess i just dont ask questions anymore!! she was happy that we both looked at the camera at the same time. we got MEGA treats for that!
this was when emily was not so happy hearing about the photo shoot. she likes to do stuff like this sometimes, but usually she gets pretty pissed mad about it. we wont dwell on this any longer... sometimes she scares me...

this was teddy basquing in the sunlight showin off his tuxedo. he was comfy until mom came up and rubbed his belly. hes a big guy, so he doesnt like that. i keep tellin him he needs to lose weight, cuz hes up to almost 20lbs! but he was an aspiring linebacker for the detroit kittehs, so i guess its all muscle.

and finally, this is me. mom put the dumb flash box in my face and told me to look at her. i cant see when it flashes, so why would i look at it!?!?! she threatened to send my picture to the lol catz website if i did not smile atleast once.

i thought i should mention that pippy was not present for the photo shoot. she boycotted the whole thing because she had better things to do was taking a nap. but i decided to put an honorable mention up here for her from a month back.

no, i know we look alike, but its because we are twins. our only difference is about 5 pounds, im wayyy bigger. my mom got us when she lived in florida and we had a good time there basquing in the sunlight on the porch. up here in michigan it gets cold and you cant sit in any windows or in the door way. which is a bummer. but this is when pippy was being cute and mom had to capture the moment.

well i hope we did a good job! maybe we will get some of these kahment things. i cant wait to hear how cute i am we are. see ya next time!!


  1. Hey Goatee! It's great to meet you and your posse. I mean family. I have a friend in the neighborhood who looks a lot like you - he comes running over every time he sees me out front! He's pretty cool. I have also seen a Tuxedo Cat in the neighborhood but he doesn't come over to say "m-row!" or anything.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog! Hope we can be friends!
    Play bows,

  2. Dang! AofF beat us over here! The Mom sux. Nice to meet you guys.


    The Mom says she'll link to your bloggie on one of our posts, if you want. Mancat Monday, perhaps? :)

  3. wow thanks earl grey! that is quite an honor! we're gonna be popular kittehs for a day! Mancat Monday + 4! Score!!

    --emily the kitteh--


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