Friday, September 25, 2009

forgotten and neglected....

sorry to all my blog friends out there (all 4 of you he he), i (teh mom) have been very busy lately and have not had time to actually upload any pictures, or write anything.

on the upside though, the kittehs are good, they had some high on nip times today and had a blast... i shall post those pics when i get a minute to do so in a few days!! i hope you all are having a furry time!!

for now...

teh mom


  1. We totally understand about moms getting busy. And grab this - we aren't allowed to use the computer without ours. Isn't that crazy!??
    Play bows,

  2. Oh how I understand!

    Please try to remember this is supposed to be FUN!

    Tank woo fur saying hi though!


  3. We know what it is like to get busy - we forget to post a lot. Just post when you have time and we will stop by to visit (of course if it is after 5 on a Friday and before 8 on Monday it may be a couple days because right now our home computer is broken, but still, we will be by eventually!)

  4. We've got that Busy Mom thing going on over here. We haven't even been able to visit in like a squillion days. We've got you in our reader so we know when new posts show up. Sweet!

    Happy Tuesday and stuff.


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